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    Today’s Orthopedic Hospital of Wuhan Union Hospital has 500 inpatient beds, comprising 8 full-blown and rapid progressing main subspecialty departments, joint, bone and soft tissue tumor, spine, traumatic orthopedic, pediatric orthopedic, arthroscopy and sports orthopedic, foot and ankle, repairing and reconstruction. The subspecialty teams of the Orthopedic Hospital cooperate closely in daily medical works, forming effective teamwork with harmonious atmosphere. Both scale and management level of the Orthopedic Hospital stands at leading level in China and advanced level in the world. The Orthopedic Hospital has a group of well-known experts/professors, some of whom are world famous, including 9 doctoral tutors and more than 20 associate professors. All the professors and associate professor have oversea study experience in developed countries. Nowadays, there are about 10 young doctors of the Orthopedic Hospital studying abroad each year, in order to bring advanced techniques and ideas to serve the patients. The Orthopedic Hospital has the most advanced medical equipment and surgical techniques, such as Davinci Robot System, Cyber Knife etc., conducts more than 15,000 high quality orthopedic surgeries each year. Besides common medical work, it undertakes medical aids for Africa, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and remote areas of western Hubei province for years; and offers medical support for big sports events.

    The Orthopedic Hospital pays attention to basic and clinical researches of orthopedic area, and actively disseminates new ideas and new techniques. It maintains close relationships with famous international orthopedic departments from United Kingdom, Germany, America, Canada and Australia etc., and founded the “Swansea University- Wuhan Union Hospital Joint Medical Centre”, “Sino-Germany (Hubei) Spinal Disease United Treatment Centre” and “Sino-German (Hubei) Trauma Disease United Treatment Centre”. Through above channels, each year, experts exchange visits to raise the research and technological level. The Orthopedic Hospital has been an important training base for orthopedic talent in China, and cultivated a lot of excellent postgraduates, fellows/refresh doctors, and overseas students, some of whom have been backbones and masters of large hospitals at home and abroad.

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